At DermPhilosophy of Fargo, we use Advanced Techniques when injecting Volbella®. The Blunt-Tip Micro Cannula Technique can help improve the way Volbella® is injected into the skin. The micro cannula is a small, flexible needle with a blunt-tip used to minimize discomfort and bruising when injecting Volbella®. This process has also allowed our patients to return back to work or normal daily activities with little to no downtime. Some other benefits of this technique include fewer injection sites, less risk of complications, the ability to cover larger treatment areas and the utilization of less product.
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Volbella® Fargo

Volbella Fargo, DermPhilosophy, Dermal Fillers, Injectables
Volbella® is made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance in your skin. Volbella uses a unique patented technology called Vycross®; which allows for a longer-lasting, smoother, more natural looking filler that is easier to inject with less pain, bruising and swelling.
Volbella® is used for lip enhancements and perioral or vertical lines. It is one of the latest innovations in injectable fillers and non-surgical lip augmentation! Volbella® is recommended for its soft consistency that mimics the natural feeling of your lips. DermPhilosophy uses Volbella® to help accentuate your lips and their border, plumping both to achieve a naturally fuller and more kissable look. Volbella® improves the fullness of your lips for up to 1 year, making it one of the longest-lasting lip enhancement products on the market today!
Volbella Fargo, DermPhilosophy, Dermal Fillers, Injectables

Volbella® can improve:

  • Lip borders
  • Thinning lips
  • Perioral or vertical lines
​Results May Vary*

Your Volbella® Treatment:

Traditionally, Volbella® is administered using hypodermic needles, which require multiple injections for proper placement and can cause bruising at the injection site. Using a blunt-tip cannula, we are able to inject Volbella® with less residual swelling, less bruising, and less risk of vascular complications. The blunt-tip cannula is designed to pass under the skin without cutting any blood vessels or skin. The micro cannula is flexible, allowing it to cover a larger targeted area. This means that less injection sites are typically required to achieve optimal results. Our trained professionals will first create a small injection site or pilot hole. Then, using the micro cannula,Volbella® will be administered. This new way of delivering Volbella® can make the entire process more comfortable!
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​Results May Vary*