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VelaShape Fargo DermPhilosophy Before and After
VelaShape is a bi-polar radio frequency medical device, intended for cellulite reduction, skin firming, and circumferential reduction. It is a comprehensive, sophisticated NON-INVASIVE body-contouring platform.*

A vacuum elevates the target tissue, bringing it closer to the energy source. Infrared light (IR) directly heats up the target area. Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) energy safely guides heat evenly throughout the targeted area, so that it heats faster without damaging the skin.
These energies combine to deep-heat fat cells and the surrounding tissue. The result is a smaller circumference and a reduction in the appearance of cellulite.*
VelaShape Fargo DermPhilosophy Before and After
Most patients find the VelaShape III comfortable and describe the treatment as feeling like a warm deep-tissue massage. The treatment parameters are easily adjusted to ensure a comfortable treatment experience. It is normal to experience a warm sensation for a few hours after your treatment. Some patients report a pinkish appearance at the treatment area that may last a few hours post treatment, and skin may appear pink for several hours.*

Using this in conjunction with the UltraShape, patients have reported a higher inch reduction circumference.* 

The VelaShape III would be used before and after the UltraShape treatment. This increases the time of the total treatment about 45 minutes.​​*
VelaShape Fargo DermPhilosophy Before and After
VelaShape Fargo DermPhilosophy Before and After
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