Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about VelaShape III

When will I see results?

Results are cumulative and can be seen as soon as the first 2 weeks, but final results are achieved 8 weeks after the first treatment.

How long does the treatment take?

15 mins per treatment site. For example, if treating the back of the thighs the total treatment time will be 30 minutes.

How many VelaShape III treatments are needed?

​Every patient is different and will require a consultation to determine how many treatments are necessary. Most areas need 3-6 treatments.

I notice negative reviews online, how can I be sure this is a safe and effective treatment?

Most of the reviews online were a result of previous VelaShape technology, which is over 8 years old. DermPhilosophy has the newest VelaShape model (III) and the treatment has greatly improved since then. All technicians have been well trained and certified to conduct an efficacious treatment for our patients on the new VelaShape III. We recommend a consultation prior to treatment to ensure you are an ideal candidate before we book the treatment.

Is VelaShape III permanent?

​No, however results are long lasting. Most patients hold results beyond 10 weeks as long as they maintain their weight. We recommend a touch-up treatment every 2-3 months.

What makes an eligible patient candidate?

Patients with a BMI <30 who are active and motivated to continue a healthy lifestyle will make the best candidate.

Does VelaShape III hurt?

​No. When treatments are performed correctly by a certified VelaShape III technician, treatments are warm and comfortable. The first cellulite treatment can be slightly uncomfortable due to the deep massage, but tolerance of treatment improves significantly over the duration of visits.

What if I am going on vacation/have a special event in the next month, can I complete a treatment in time?

Yes, we have expedited programs we reserve especially for these circumstances. You may consolidate your treatment into shorter, more frequent visits. Pricing will be standard.

What are the side effects?

​Some treatment discomfort can occur on the first visit with possible bruising, redness, tenderness and swelling. However, all immediate side effects dissipate within one hour of the completed treatment. Some patients report immediate firming/tightening of the skin and a 1-2 inch loss right off the table.

I want my husband/boyfriend to have these treatments. Is the VelaShape ideal for men too?

Yes! VelaShape III is perfect for toning and reducing men’s problem areas such flanks, upper chest and neck.

Will anyone be able to tell I had the treatment?

​No. The effects of the treatment are not identifiable.

What is a typical treatment program like?

We recommend an initial series after consultation. Each visit will be spaced either 1 or 2 weeks apart.

Can I do too many at one time?

We recommend a maximum of 3 treatment sites (90 mins) per day.

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