Advanced Techniques

Quadrant Technique

Botox Fargo DermPhilosophy Quadrant Technique
At DermPhilosophy, we use an innovative Botox technique called the quadrant technique that is not used by any other spa in the area. This is a technique that gives patients a natural yet flawless look. We take the time to ensure that our Botox is strategically placed for each individual patient’s anatomy. Patients that have had Botox done elsewhere and have now experienced the quadrant technique are over the moon with their results!*

Junction Point Lift Technique

Dermal Fillers Fargo DermPhilosophy Junction Point Lift Technique
We have undergone special training to offer advanced techniques when injecting dermal fillers. One of these techniques is called the junction point lift technique. This technique is used when injecting Voluma. This special technique gives the patient maximum lift, natural appearing volume, and contour leaving you with a more defined, youthful, and prominent “apple of your cheek.” Voluma when paired with this technique lifts so much that patients will see a change in their undereye circles and nasal labial folds as well. We like to refer to this as “a liquid face lift”. Many patients have told us that they had Voluma placed at other offices and did not see a great result. When this product is placed with the junction point lift technique, patients see a dramatic result and we are often hugged before the patient leaves the exam room! This is why, Voluma is one of our favorite products here at DermPhilosophy.*  
​Results May Vary*

Blunt-Tip Micro Cannula

Juvederm Voluma Fargo DermPhilosophy Blunt-Tip Micro Cannula
The other advanced technique we use when injecting dermal fillers is called the blunt-tip micro cannula technique. The micro cannula is a small, flexible needle with a blunt-tip used to minimize discomfort and bruising when injecting facial fillers.*

 Traditionally, facial injectables are administered using hypodermic needles, which require multiple injections for proper placement and can cause bruising at the injection site. Using a blunt-tip cannula, we are able to inject facial fillers with less residual swelling, less bruising, and less risk of vascular complications. The blunt-tip cannulas is designed to pass under the skin without cutting any blood vessels or skin. The micro-cannula is flexible, allowing it to cover a larger targeted area. This means that less injection sites are typically required to achieve optimal results.*

Our trained professionals will first create a small injection site or pilot hole. Then, using the micro-cannula, the injectable solution for treatment will be administered. This new way of delivering injectable treatments can make the entire process much more comfortable! Other benefits of this technique include fewer injection sites, less risk of complications, the ability to cover larger treatment areas and the utilization of less product.*  
Dr. Gavin Chan, Cosmetic Surgeon, discussing the advantages of using a blunt-tip micro cannula while injecting dermal fillers.
​Results May Vary*